BRAND PHILOSOPHY – A vision comes to reality

... at KÜPPERSBUSCH you explore an aesthetic, individual character and functional clearity in harmony. Leading the way in design, perfect in function, easy to use, strikingly beautiful. Kitchen appliances that put your personal demand in scene. You should not be satisfied with less.
Looking back on the success story of KÜPPERSBUSCH is always a constant look ahead. Innovative ideas and impulses that are pointing to one direction: to connect the latest technology and highest quality with sensitive functionality and exceptional design.

“There is a decade-long, mutually inspiring partnership that connects us to Küppersbusch. Parti­cularly in recent years, numerous Red Dot Award prizes demonstrate that they are a design and innovation leader and have been for a long time. It is a stroke of luck that there is a company in the direct vicinity of the Red Dot Museum Essen, which so master­fully defines and constantly impresses the world of kitchens with materials, contemporary technology and outstanding design. My heartfelt congratulations on 140 years of Küppersbusch!”


Professor Dr. Peter Zec, initiator and CEO of the Red Dot Award

”En tant que professionnel, la fonctionnalité est ma priorité. Des résultats de première classe sont
uniquement possibles avec des outils parfaits. Cela va sans dire que je suis toujours ouvert aux
innovations et que j’apprécie un design élégant.”

Alexandro Pape, chef étoilé Michelin